Credit Recovery Information

Students and Parents, 

We have created this guide to help you with information about credit recovery. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please contact our office at (915) 877-7801 and ask to speak to any administrator. Thank you. 


Students who are still working on Spring 2021 hours; HOURS WILL BE DUE March 10th, 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students who do not complete their hours will be referred to 2022 Summer School.

FALL 2021 hours will be issued out to all students beginning March 21, 2022.

What is credit recovery?

Canutillo HS offers two types of credit recovery; credit attainment through TLC courses for students who have not been academically successful with their courses, and credit recovery due to loss of credit from attendance (Texas Compulsory Attendance State Law). Both offer similar approaches to regaining credit but work differently. 

Credit Attainment through TLC
If a student loses credit from lack of academic progress, the student and their counselor work to place the student in The Learning Classroom, a classroom where students work on their own pace with the help of highly qualified staff to complete lessons, activities, and notes to master the content of the class they were not successful in. Students receive credit back to their transcript upon successful completion of their class and meeting all required documents for credit attainment through TLC. 

Credit Recovery due to Loss of Credit from Attendance (Texas Compulsory Attendance State Law)
Students who lose credit due to being in classes less than 90% of the time lose credit EVEN if the student was academically successful in the course. When a student loses credit due to attendance, our administrative team provides credit recovery hours that must be completed after school to regain seat time lost during that academic semester. Students receive their credit back when they successfully complete all necessary requirements assigned by their credit recovery teacher, and credit is awarded back. Students can only qualify for this if they have a grade of 55 or above in order to credit average the following semester, and if they complete all hours and notes for credit. 

Frequently asked Questions

Does the work I do in TLC after school for credit count towards Loss of Credit hours for attendance?

No. They are two separate programs for credit hours. Although the Edmentum program is used for both, they must be done separately.

Do HB 4545 hours count towards Loss of Credit Hours for attendance?

No. HB 4545 hours target EOC exams only. You make up hours for Loss of Credit due to attendance in the specific course you didn’t get credit in, and HB 4545 targets only EOC courses such as Alg. 1, Biology, English I and II, and World History.

What happens if I don’t complete my TLC courses or Loss of Credit hours?

Both programs are for you to regain credits and be on track to graduate. All requirements must be met in order for you to be recommended to graduate from Canutillo. Choosing not to complete the assignments in TLC will delay graduation, and choosing to not complete your hours will result in the student being reassigned to that class to regain their credit the following semester.