STEM Literacy Plan
The images associated with the hyper link, were created by the Canutillo High School Graphic Design students.

16 Habits of Mind

Canutillo STEM students are introduced to STEM vocabulary within their core classes as well as through the media, through reading and through instruction. STEM instructors are actively involved in the students learning by engaging them in a variety of tasks, which will mirror the practices of STEM professionals.

  • In the Academic school year students will be more involved in reading STEM engagement through journals, articles, periodicals, current event newspapers, online resources, webinars, field trips and text.
  • The STEM instructors must engage the student in “reading the research” recognizing that students may have trouble with comprehension of the information provided.
  • We anticipate, after school tutorial STEM students will be provided a variety of ELA strategies for improving their reading comprehension such as using a reading strategies, such as TPCASST, FRACTIONS, SHAMPOO, ACE, SOPASTone, gallery walks, Socratic seminar, using context clues, chunking large passages, and building on prior knowledge, linking what they already learned to what they are trying to learn.
  • Students will also be give AVID strategies such a WICOR to improve within the classroom setting.

Instructors are modeling the skills associated with graphs, charts, tables, and data analysis sections, such as reading the text related to the data and then examining the data.

  • Students must understand the research behind the concepts and the data associated with it. It is imperative students understand the data collection practices, representation, units, and the importance of considering multiple sources of data to analyze and draw conclusions.
  • We have recognized reading comprehension and writing is a skill that most students need to improve on. CHS have implemented writing across the curriculum as a school wide initiative.
  • Programs such as Shmoop, Achieve 3000, Writing Academy, PEG Writing, and Rosetta Stone, have been implemented for the school year.

STEM instructors must continue to organize curriculum to include 21st century skills, specifically creativity and innovation and communication and collaboration that coincides with the related content.

  • 21st century skills, is targeted in STEM students AP Human Geography, Pre-AP English, Pre-AP Biology, and Pre-AP Algebra I classes.

Canutillo STEM students will have many opportunities throughout their high school career to present information verbally and nonverbally through PBL presentations of their work and ideas to all stakeholders as a component of the capstone course requirement.