STEM Instructional Practices

Canutillo High School is continuing to ensure that instruction is well-designed, content rich, targeted, rigorous, and modified to ensure student success.  The master schedule reflects the school’s commitment to Professional Learning Communities (PLC) with common planning time for teachers.

Additionally, teachers are supported with two instructional coaches who monitor planning as well as coaching teachers using an observation protocol.

STEM Coordinator and Administration continuously gather qualitative data through walkthroughs, observations, and viewing lesson plans. With feedback provided, teachers have targeted strategies to improve instruction through scaffolding, reteach, etc.

All teachers are also provided professional development on their Instructional Framework with Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching specifically with Learning Goals, Proficiency Scales and Vocabulary Development. The faculty has also been provided with Professional Development on the Fundamental Five to help them frame their lessons for student learning.

The school instituted Instructional Rounds last year and will continue its commitment to allow teachers to observe each other to improve practice.

PBL goals will be set for STEM core content teachers to participate in the planning so the projects reflect a cross curricular approach. Core teachers will come during the summer for eight days and plan out their content PBL using the cross curricular approach for each of the 9 weeks. Once PBL is in place, students will have the opportunity to create projects that reflect their individuality and creativity but also remain within the confines of the standard being taught.