English 1 PBL

Kyle Hanson from KVIA came to talk to the 9th grade students on Reporting 101. Students will use this information to create a documentary examining privacy and citizenship for their English classes, led by Ms. Peterson and Ms. Robinson. Students paid close attention and toke notes for their PBL assignment.

Driving Question: Do American citizens have a right to privacy and is privacy in the United States adequate for its citizens?

Your projects:

  • Create a 5-6 minute documentary of what it means to be an American citizen in regards to privacy. This documentary will eventually be submitted to CSPAN (document attached) and presented to your class and various faculty.

  • Create a picture-book illustrating privacy and citizenship concepts you have learned. This picture book will be presented to Canutillo elementary schools.

  • Set up at least 2 appointments with Ms. Peterson or Ms. Robinson to discuss your film and projects.

  • Analyze the rhetorical appeals in various legal texts and provide dialectical journals for these (packets in class and on Google Classroom).

  • Write two expository essays regarding privacy and citizenship.

  • Come up with two DOK level questions to ask our guest speaker—meteorologist Kyle Hanson.


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